Coming Soon: Turn Left at Doheny

Turn Left at Doheny, my first novel in 5 years, is a contemporary noir story set in present-day Los Angeles. It evokes the spirit of such classic noir Los Angeles Stories as Chinatown and Double Indemnity.

You can pre-order it at Amazon.

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Turn Left At Doheny TV interview on Literary Gumbo

Tue Jul 8, 06:45 PM

Google Literary Gumbo and you’ll find my recent television interview with Fred Klein.

Turn Left At Doheny

Mon Jun 2, 03:33 PM

Our signing at Chaucer’s on May 22 in Santa Barbara went well. Lots of old and new readers attended. I read an excerpt and answered questions, and there was lots of lively discussion. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

There was an issue that apparently has surfaced, both at this signing and in other venues. Some of the books were missing pages. I have since seen a few comments on-line about this problem. Apparently, one shipment went out with these missing pages. Some of those books went to bookstores, others to on-line distribution like Amazon. My publishers did not know this had happened and are doing their best to make amends. If you got a book that is missing pages, please contact the distributor or book store you got it from and they will send you a fresh, complete copy. And let me know if any of you have this problem.

I’m finishing a long-gestating screenplay and then am starting my next novel. Hope to have a new book ready within a year or so.